Black Mold

What is black mold? Black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum (sometimes called Stachybotrys atra) is not the type of mold you want growing in your home or property. This type of mold is a greenish-black mold. It grows on material with a high cellulose such as fiberboard, wood, straw, hay, wicker, cardboard, gypsum board, paper, dust, etc. when they are damp … Read More

Water Damage? Help is On the Way


  Water is both an extraordinary and desirable substance. Without it, life on planet Earth wouldn’t be sustainable. Water also goes far beyond merely keeping us alive. It tastes great on a hot day, is essential for our morning shower routine, and even keeps our grass and flowers looking their best. Perhaps, this is why it’s so easy to forget, … Read More

Mold and Your Home: Keeping Your Family Safe


  Ask any homeowner which household problem they would least like to deal with, and mold will likely rank high on their list. Would you be surprised to learn that there is mold in practically every home and building in the State of Ohio? It’s true. Mold spores have the ability to survive, and even flourish in a typical indoor-living … Read More

IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Company


Allphase Restoration and Construction will help you restore every aspect of your damaged home or business. Whether you’ve suffered fire, flood, or storm damage, Allphase Restoration and Construction provides fast, reliable response to get you quickly back on track. Our IICRC-certified technicians undergo continuous training to learn the newest industry techniques. With over 30 years of disaster restoration experience Allphase … Read More

You’ve had a House Fire: Now What?


It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The family home damaged or destroyed by fire. Nothing can prepare you for the horrifying experience of realizing the place you call home, is in many ways, forever changed. A home full of treasured personal effects is acquired over decades, yet it can all be wiped out by fire in a matter of minutes. Do … Read More