Water Damage Restoration Services in Marion, OH – Find Emergency Help When Disaster Strikes

Water Damage Restoration and Emergency Water Removal Marion, OH

Marion Public Health has identified flooding as one of the leading environmental risks to Ohio’s Marion County. There are more than six rivers and creeks that run through the county and some areas experience flooding on a near yearly basis due to vicious storms and tornadoes. In some areas, flooding leads to evacuations and substantial damages to property year after year.

These risks are in addition to the standard household disasters that can leave you in need of flooded basement cleanup or other water damage restoration services. You never know when the plumbing is going to backup or the creek is going to make its way into your home.

 Disaster Recovery & Cleaning Emergency Relief for Fire Marion, OH 

The only way to ensure you can find restoration services in the time of need is to connect with the best restoration services ahead of time. You do not want to be left searching the phone book after the storm hits.

All Phase Restoration and Construction serves all types of cleanup and restoration of Marion water damage required after any type of disaster, natural or manmade. Their services extend from the basic toilet overflow to all of the following:

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Marion, OH

Mold is a serious risk to your health and will overtake your home if not properly cleaned or prevented. All Phase Restoration and Construction utilizes professional equipment to ensure mold is properly prevented and/or removed from your home so you do not have to worry about illness resulting from mold exposure or continued damages to your home.

Wet Drywall Repair Marion, OH

Drywall that has been exposed to water needs immediate attention before the entire wall is affected. Not only will portions of the drywall need to be removed, but steps will need to be taken to prevent moisture from causing additional damages in the future.

Wet Carpet Drying and Cleaning Marion, OH

Wet carpet stinks and can become a mold-infested risk to your health. Marion water damage restoration services will dry it out so you do not have to pay to replace carpeting throughout your home.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Marion, OH

A flooded basement is not something you can take care of yourself. There are immediate and future health risks, so leave flooded basement cleanup to the professionals. They will ensure your basement is not only dry but safe for your family.

Keep All Phase Restoration and Construction on speed dial. Not only are they one call away when disaster strikes, but they are one call away when the sink backs up or the toilet overflows. Need help with water damage Marion? Immediately, call their 24/7 helpline at 614-261-0000. They can also be reached toll-free at 216-273-2300. Allphase Restoration and Construction handles fire damage repair and restoration, mold removal, mold remediation, home content cleaning after a disaster, water removal and water damage repair in Marion, OH.

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