Wet Carpet Drying and Cleaning Services in Columbus, OH

When the carpeting in your home gets dirty you know that it is important to have it cleaned, but what do you do when the carpet gets wet? You may think that wet carpet means that you need to replace it, but in fact with wet carpet cleaning, extraction and drying services you can save your carpet.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Columbus, OH

When you have a flood or a leak you will find that not only is your carpet wet and soggy but so is the padding and often the flooring beneath the carpet. This is when a professional who is accustomed to dealing with wet carpet cleaning and restoration will come into play. There’s a lot more to do with wet carpet cleaning than just sucking up excess water. If your carpet is not cleaned properly you could have structural damage to your home, mold and mildew problems and may have to replace the carpet completely.

Extraction/Drying Services Columbus, OH

Extraction is the first step in getting your wet carpet restored. All excess water must be removed from not just the carpet but the padding and floor as well. Once extraction has been performed a professional will also use their skills for carpet drying as well as drying the padding and flooring. Proper drying is important for preventing mold and mildew along with damage to the floor underneath the carpet.

Carpet Restoration Columbus, OH

Once the carpet has had all the excess water extracted and everything has been dried properly carpet restoration involves deep cleaning, sometimes a mold prevention additive in the cleaning solution and of course drying again. This will leave your carpet smelling and looking like it was never flooded.

Whether you’ve had a flood or leak or your carpet is just dirty give us a call! We can handle all of your carpet cleaning and carpet restoration needs. Just call Allphase Restoration and Construction at 614-261-0000 for Columbus, Ohio carpet services.

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