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3 Steps to Take to Restore Fire Damage

fire damage remediation

The fire damage remediation process can be daunting, but if you follow these three steps, it will mitigate some of the hardship felt from the cleanup process.

1. Secure the Perimeter

When a home is ablaze, firefighters will do anything necessary to enter the house and battle the smoke and flames. They may have to break windows and doors to gain entry in certain situations, and this can leave the perimeter of your home with gaping holes. The problem with this is that all kinds of animals and other unwanted guests can find their way into your home and create a bigger problem than just the recent fire loss you have suffered. Therefore, you need to seal up any open windows and doors to prevent this from happening.

2. Water Damage

After fire damage, you will need to solve for water damage, that's right, most fires are fought with water and water is not good for your house. Not only do you need to get rid of all the smoke and fire-damaged items and materials in your home, but you also need to remove all the water-damaged items. In some cases, water-damaged items can be even worse than smoke and fire-damaged items because a water-damaged item can lead to the growth of harmful molds and mildews.

3. Fire Restoration

Once the fire-damaged home has been secured and properly cleaned out, you can now begin to dry out and deodorize the house. This step is known as the fire damage remediation process.

Every fire restoration situation is going to be different as there are rarely two situations that are exactly the same. Therefore it is crucial that you work with a competent fire damage restoration company that has good reviews and is adequately equipped to handle the job.

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