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Are The Tenants or Landlords Responsible For Water Damage Cleanup?

Water damage is a serious issue and can cost a fortune. Because of this, tenants and landlords all have one question: should I pay for it? The rules may not be entirely clear-cut, but any water damage must be known to both parties for the next step: water damage cleanup.

This article will explain both the responsibilities of tenants and landlords to see what they are responsible for and who will pay for the damage that water may have caused to the unit.

Responsibility of the Landlord

By law, the landlord is required to provide a habitable living space for the tenant. Water damage may be caused due to a lack of monthly or annual maintenance. Pipes may burst, and the plumbing system needs repair or replacements, especially when they are older models. Rainy or cold winters can also affect the house, affecting the plumbing system and pipes in the unit. The landlord’s responsibility is to ensure that the apartment unit is functioning perfectly well with good monthly maintenance to make sure that there is no water damage.

Responsibility of the Tenant

Tenants are held responsible for acts of negligence. Acts of negligence include water damage because of sink and tub flooding or if the plumbing system is abused by flushing anything other than tissue paper that caused clogging. Tenants must keep in mind that this is not the landlord’s responsibility and would be charged accordingly once a trusted water damage removal company is called to clean up.

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