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Most Common Causes of Kitchen Fires

kitchen fire restoration

Kitchens are the rooms in which most families spend the majority of their time together. Understanding we humans do need food and drink to survive it's pretty understandable that we all gravitate to our kitchens. Since our kitchens are the recipients of such high household traffic, you would think that things like kitchen fires would be pretty easy to avoid. Quite the opposite actually, since the truth is that the majority of household fires originate in the kitchen, in this article I will discuss some of the more common causes of kitchen fires.

Most of the time, the cause of a kitchen fire is not due to simple circumstance but rather negligence of someone in the kitchen. The best way to avoid kitchen fires and the need for kitchen fire restoration is to be diligent and observe fire safety protocols all of the time and not become lazy or complacent, always be on guard and take the extra precaution.

  • 1. Using too much heat, in any appliance in your kitchen, if you exceed the recommended heat level, you are asking for a potentially catastrophic situation.
  • 2. Leaving anything cooking, frying, baking, or anything in your kitchen that has a heating element to it unattended. If you have something on the stove and it stays in there just a bit too long and burns, it can catch on fire.
  • 3. Not having your hood cleaned often or thoroughly enough can lead to a build-up of fat and grease that can quickly catch fire when exposed to high heat or even an open flame.

Fire safety is serious and should be strictly observed by you and your family. You should have and practice a fire evacuation plan, and check your smoke detectors regularly, as well as your fire extinguishers. Practicing fire safety in the kitchen is of equal importance and must be an important part of you, and your family's routine home safety procedures, not doing so is asking for trouble.

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