Cleveland Flooded Basement Cleanup Services

For the high-quality flooded basement cleanup and restoration services in the Central or Northeast Ohio area, call us today.

We understand finding standing water in your basement can be both shocking and stressful. If you don’t act fast, a flooded basement can quickly escalate and cause permanent damage to your property. Minimize the chance of further damage and take the hassle out of restoring your basement—reach out to our team at AllPhase Restoration.

We have more than three decades of water damage restoration experience, including basement flooding cleanup. Our certified team will quickly and effectively remove the water from your basement, dry out all surfaces, and ensure humidity levels are back in the normal range. Contact us today to schedule basement restoration services in Cleveland, OH.

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Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Basements are the lowest point on any property, leaving them the most vulnerable to flooding. Besides plumbing issues, other common causes of a flooded basement include:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • A leaky foundation
  • No sump pump
  • Poorly working gutters
  • Poorly sloped yard
  • Improper sealing of the walls and flooring

If your basement floods, you’re at risk for secondary damage, such as mold and moisture problems. The best way to avoid all types of water damage is to take quick action—dry out damp areas as quickly as possible. The longer building materials are exposed to warm, humid conditions, the higher chance of additional problems. Call us anytime for basement flood repair. We’ve available 24/7.

Professional Basement Flood Repair and Cleanup

The first step to cleaning up your basement is determining the source of flooding and assessing the extent of the damage. Once we identify the source of flooding and stop it, our IICRC certified technicians will determine the best strategy to remove any standing water.

Next, we begin the cleanup process. That includes drying out all the affected areas such as walls, carpet, furniture, and padding. Our team will also remove, clean, and restore any other items that may have been affected by the flooding.

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What Should You Do If You Discover You Have a Flooded Basement?

You get home, and to your surprise, the basement is flooded. You want to start by determining the cause of flooding and figuring out whether the basement is actively flooding, meaning water is still flowing. If the source of floodwater is inside the building, we recommend shutting off your water supply.

Your next step is to contact your insurance company and put in a basement flood cleanup claim. Next, call us right away. We’ll help with your insurance claim and take care of the rest, including any information needed by your insurance company.

At AllPhase Restoration, we take flooded basement cleanup and restoration services seriously. That’s why we’re the leading basement flood cleanup company in Cleveland, OH. Dial 216-600-0184 to get started!