Cleveland Sewage Cleanup Services

Need Professional sewage cleanup and restoration services in Central or Northeast Ohio? We’re here to help—call us today.

If there’s a sewage backup in your home or business, we know you want the mess cleaned up now. No one wants to wait until business hours with human waste all over their building. Raw sewage may contain bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause serious illnesses. Plus, it doesn’t exactly smell like flowers.

At AllPhase Restoration, we’re available 24-7, 365 days a year for fast and reliable sewage removal, cleanup, and restoration services anywhere in the Cleveland, OH, area. We have the proper training and equipment to quickly and effectively remove sewage from your property and safely restore your home or business.

When you call us for emergency services in Cleveland, we'll have a skilled team at your door in 60 minutes or less!

What Causes Sewer Blockages?

Many things can lead to sewer, septic, and drain problems. Some are rather apparent and easy to diagnose, while others can be a bit more subtle. Some of the most common causes of sewer blockages we see here in Cleveland include:

  • Solid objects in the sewage system, such as plastics, diapers, garbage, or other items.
  • Structural problems in the sewage system such as cracked, misaligned or collapsed sewer pipes.
  • Tree root intrusion into sewer pipes.
  • A buildup of debris, foreign objects, or grease in the city sewer main.

If you suspect you have a blocked sewer, consult a professional plumber to get to the root cause of the problem and find a permanent solution—then call us for cleanup.

Cleveland’s Top Sewage Cleanup and Restoration Experts

At AllPhase Restoration, we offer fast and effective sewage cleanup and sewage damage restoration services for commercial and residential clients in Cleveland. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification).

Our experts will carefully survey your property to determine the extent of the damage and contamination, as well as the materials affected. Then, we create a customized solution to drain the water and disinfect your items and property. Before long, your home or business will be clean and habitable so you can go back to your daily life.

If you have an overflowing toilet, there’s no time to spare. Contact us today for prompt toilet overflow services.

Sewage Backup Prevention Tips

We’ve already pointed out some of the common causes of sewage backups. Fortunately, a few prevention tips can help you prevent a future sewage backup:

  • Dispose of grease and clog causing materials in the garbage, not down the sink.
  • Consider plastic piping.
  • Correct illegal plumbing connections.
  • Maintain your sewer lateral.
  • Install a backwater prevention valve.
  • Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.

Do you need professional sewage cleanup and restoration services in the Cleveland, OH area? Contact our certified experts at AllPhase Restoration. Dial 216-600-0184 to schedule service!