Wet Drywall Repair in Cleveland

Is your drywall wet? Get fast drywall repair anywhere in Central or Northeast Ohio—Call our experts at AllPhase Restoration.

Wet drywall is something to avoid at all costs. Besides being visually unappealing, damp drywall creates a breeding ground for mold and other harmful organisms. Whether your wet drywall is due to flooding or a leaking pipe, you can count on our team at AllPhase Restoration for fast, reliable solutions.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for water damage restoration services in Cleveland, OH. With 30+ years of experience providing superior drywall repair, we're equipped to deliver superior results at competitive prices.

Do you have a flooded basement? Our water extraction team can dry things up quickly and safely.

Our Approach to Wet Drywall Repair

Pipe leaks are the most common cause of drywall water damage. After fixing the leaking pipe, we’ll dry the affected wall with the help of the most advanced tools in the industry:

  • Moisture Meters: We use moisture meters to identify the wall’s moisture content. If the meter reads over 1%, drywall replacement is your best option.
  • Specialized Humidifiers: If the moisture meter indicates a moisture content under 1%, we’ll use an LGR or desiccant dehumidifier to dry the wall. Besides drying surface moisture, these systems dry moisture within the walls, minimizing the risk of mold growth.
  • Intra-Wall Drying: If you have several wet walls, we’ll use this approach. The process involves sending air into the wall through tiny holes in the bottom. The moving air quickly dries the wall from the inside, including the insulation.

Contact our team at AllPhase Restoration today to inspect your wet drywall and provide a tailored solution that delivers quick, quality results.

Benefits of Our Advanced Drying Techniques

We're the preferred drywall repair and restoration team in Cleveland for a reason.  Our services ensure:

  • Mold Prevention: Our fast water extraction methods reduce the likelihood of mold spreading within your drywall and rendering it unsalvageable. Our thorough drying process also eliminates drywall moisture that can trigger odors.
  • Lower Expenses: Our fast and cost-effective drying method reduces restoration costs. It also ensures that you can resume using your property within the shortest time possible.

If mold has already taken hold in your drywall, contact us to schedule mold removal and remediation.

Why Work With Us?

Our drywall repair team is available 24/7 to provide emergency service whenever you need it. Expect us at your Cleveland address within 60 minutes—but that’s not the only reason to choose us. Here are a few more:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Insured and bonded technicians
  • Plenty of five-star customer reviews

No job is too big or complex for our IICRC certified technicians, and we aim for a quick turnaround time on every project. Even better, we keep the drywall restoration process as pain-free as possible by lending a hand with insurance claims.

Dial 216-600-0184 today to schedule professional wet drywall repair services from our experts at AllPhase Restoration in Cleveland, OH.