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Common Causes of Fire in the Kitchen

kitchen fires

The kitchen of any home produces one of the most wonderful memories of home. It’s a place to connect with your loved ones, a place to make meals the whole family can enjoy, and a place that produces so many memories! That is why kitchen fires can be devastating for many families. In the home, kitchen fires are the most common. That’s why it is important to know the common causes of a fire in the kitchen so you can try to avoid and accommodate for it.

Distraction – Distraction is probably the biggest reason for a kitchen fire to start. When cooking, you need to pay attention to avoid small problems becoming large problems. It is important to avoid unnecessary distractions when cooking.

Improper cleaning – A kitchen can accumulate dirt and grease fast! Kitchens are naturally very messy places and need to be cleaned often. If you aren’t cleaning your kitchen often, grease and oil can end up laying around which can cause a small fire to become a huge issue if not treated properly.

Overcooking – when food is cooked too long on too hot of heat, it has a tendency to start a fire. Keep an eye on your food while it is cooking and try to follow the recipe if at all possible.

Clothing – Wearing loose-fitting clothing while dealing with sparks or a hot stovetop can cause a fire when you least expect it. Try to make sure your clothing does not drag over the burner when you are moving pans or reaching in the oven.

Kitchen fires can happen at any time and it is important to be informed on how to avoid them. The biggest thing you can do to avoid a kitchen fire is to pay attention to what you are doing while you are cooking in the kitchen and take good care of your kitchen. If you can do those two simple things, your chances of starting a kitchen fire decrease dramatically!

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