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DIY Water Damage Restoration Pros & Cons

When water damages your home, flooding, burst pipe, or an accident involving a large volume of water you're home will be in need of water damage restoration.

Picture this, it's Saturday night, and it's just been raining cats, dogs, and billy goats since Friday morning. Some of the lights in your kitchen go out, you remember that you recently replaced those bulbs, so you head down to your basement to check out the circuit breaker. You pop the lights on as you are trotting down the stairs in your cozy pink bunny slippers and BAM, you dunk up to the knee in ice-cold water, and you're barely halfway down the stairs, congratulations, your entire basement is flooded!!

As you're trudging back up the stairs, one bunny soaked and squishing the whole way up, you realize, you've got two choices. You can either spend the next few hours getting yourself an advanced internet degree in DIY water damage restoration, or you can find a reputable water damage restoration company that offers emergency services to come out right now and help.

Let's take a quick splash into just three pros for doing it yourself and three cons, to get a more full understanding of the matter.

Pros for DIY Water Damage

  • Whenever you do a job yourself, it's automatically cheaper because there is no profit built into the price, it's all cost.
  • It's going to get done faster, and on your schedule, you don't have to wait for anyone to show up because you live on the job site!
  • Forgive me for playing armchair psychologist but too often we find ourselves leading monotonous lives, lacking a daily sense of purpose and accomplishment. When an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and work hard, to actually make a difference in our lives and the lives of our household, smacks us in the face, it's sometimes too hard to turn that down! This feeling is probably the most significant pro for DIY water damage restoration. The amazing feeling you get having a major problem like this and fixing it with your own two hands!

Cons for DIY Water Damage

  • The first and biggest con is that the flooded basement in our example could be deadly! If there is a live electric current running through that water and you start wading through it, you could be putting yourself at risk of a serious electric shock. Depending on your health and the electricity in the water that could kill you.
  • The second issue with DIY water damage restoration is you run a major risk that you do not fix the entire problem. Often in a water damage event, the full extent of the issue is more than meets the eye and it's only the eye of a truly experienced water damage restoration professional that can see the full scope of the damage.
  • Having to explain to a professional not only how the water damage event occurred in the first place but also how you in your unlimited internet-inspired wisdom screwed the situation up, even more, is bad enough. For some of us, even in the face of death, this drawback to trying your first time hand at water damage restoration is the one reason we don't do it.

It's going to come down to personal preference, but I'm firmly planted on the dry ground of spending the extra cash and getting the best water damage restoration company I can. If you are in need of water damage restoration, look no further than AllPhase Restoration. They have been serving the Columbus, Ohio area for over two generations and have an emergency 24/7 response team with a guaranteed 60 minute response time.