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Emergency Tarping After a Storm

emergency tarping after a storm, Columbus, Ohio

When your roof is damaged, it's important that the damage is assessed and addressed as soon as possible. Ideally, roof repairs should be done right away, but this is not always realistic since the full repair of a damaged roof can be quite costly and often takes many months. Finding the right roofing company for your roof repair can take time, more often than not this process is the source of significant delays.

If you thought finding the right roofer would take a long time, just wait until you file the insurance claim. The insurance company will have to send out an adjuster, and if you are one of many people suffering from damage and in need of roof repair, chances are high that the adjusters are going to be quite busy. If only that would be the only issue with the insurance company’s adjusters, oftentimes during the aftermath of significant events, adjusters are stretched so thin that the insurance company will have to hire adjusters from different states. At first, that does not seem so bad, but when you consider the multitude of different variables in construction and rehab from state to state, an out-of-state adjuster can be pretty bad. An out-of-state adjuster may not always appropriate what it will cost to bring your damaged roof back to where it once was.

In the meantime, it's important that the hole in the roof is properly covered with a temporary weatherproof tarping system to prevent further damage to the rest of the roof and the interior of the home. Emergency tarping after a storm can save you a lot of money in roof repairs.

The first step is contacting an emergency tarping company to come out and evaluate the damage. Once this is done, the tarping process can begin. This should be done within twenty-four hours of the event that caused the roof damage. The longer your roof sits with a gaping hole, the greater the possibility that the roof will sustain more damage and that the interior of the home will suffer additional damage.

Keep in mind that there are many different emergency tarping systems available. Some of the tarping systems are stronger than others. When dealing with storm damage, it is possible that a storm is still in the area and the tarping system will need to be strong enough to be able to protect the home from inclement weather. The strength and rating of the tarping system will undoubtedly affect the price of its purchase and installation. Do not attempt to install temporary emergency tarping after a storm if your roof is wet and slippery. Call a professional roofing company and have them take care of it for you.

If you are in need of emergency tarping after a storm near Columbus, Ohio contact AllPhase Restoration, we have emergency response teams available around the clock.