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Tips to Restore Your Home After a Fire

fire damage restoration

A house fire is one of the most devastating and stressful events that a person can experience. Restoring your home after a fire can be difficult as well. Follow these tips to restore your home after a fire with as little stress as possible.

Stay Safe During Fire Damage Restoration

Do not plug in any appliances until an electrician has deemed it safe to do so. Do not eat any food product that was exposed to heat or smoke particles. It is best to stay away from the fire-damaged area altogether since it is dangerous and unhealthy to breathe in fumes with harmful particles.

Do Not Attempt Fire Damage Restoration Without Having Experience

Do not try to clean soot and smoke residue by yourself since it can cause further damage and make matters worse. Turn off your HVAC system, so that the smoke-filled air isn't being spread around your home. Instead of using the HVAC system, open all doors and windows to ventilate the space. Many safety concerns come up when restoring a fire-damaged house. Fire restoration is best left up to professionals.

File an Insurance Claim

Call an insurance company as soon as possible and file a claim. Make sure to document everything by taking photos. Indicate dates and locations. If you do not have receipts of damaged items in your home, you can pull up your credit card statements if you need to show proof of the purchase. Save all of the receipts from the fire damage restoration company and from anyone who does work in the house.

Disaster can strike at any time, and it is helpful to educate yourself and to be knowledgeable on how to handle any situation. If you are looking for a fire damage restoration company in Columbus, Ohio call Allphase Restoration at 614-261-0000.