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How to Clean Up a Flooded Basement

If you have a basement, the possibility exists that you will experience flooding issues, fear not, the following four steps will make basement flood cleanup as simple as possible.

First, do not go running into your flooded basement until a certified electrician or the electric company comes to your house and says it's 100% safe to do so. Even if your home has lost power, there could be someone running a generator nearby, and this could be feeding electricity into your downed grid and cause a live current of electricity to be running in your flooded basement.

Once you have safely determined the point where the water is entering the basement, you can begin the real basement flood clean up. The best way to remove the standing water is by using a portable sump pump. You can rent them from almost any hardware store or buy your own.

The next step in any basement flood clean up is drying the basement. The entire space is still wet even after all the water has been pumped out. Keep in mind that the pump can only grab so much water. The best way to dry something is by letting it air out, and because you cannot tear off the roof of your basement to bring in the fresh air, you will need to do the next best thing. Get a bunch of industrial-grade air movers! Which are as impressive as they sound, they are super powerful fans that move lots of air all around your basement, dramatically speeding up the drying process. You can also rent these fans from a hardware store. You are probably going to want to rent a few from a few different hardware stores, depending on how big your basement is because the average job will require about seven or eight air movers.

The final part of the process is often the most overlooked step, dehumidifying the basement. Most people think that once they've gotten the water out via the pumps and dried out the basement with the small army of air movers they've deployed, they are done. The fact is that even after all that, the air in the basement is still overflowing with moisture! A commercial dehumidifier is going to start at about a thousand dollars, and you will probably need two or three of them for your basement.

In many cases trying to clean up a flooded basement incorrectly only makes the problem worse and wastes valuable time and money. If you are in need of a basement flood cleanup in Columbus, Ohio, call AllPhase Restoration a professional restoration company.