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How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe from Fire

fire safety


Buy a Fresh Tree

When you are shopping for a Christmas tree, the most important thing that you should be considering is fire safety.

Freshly cut trees are significantly less likely to catch fire than older trees. Look for a tree with green needles. If a tree has brown needles, it means that it is old, dry, and flammable. A great tip for testing the tree is to try bending the needles if the needles bend and do not snap, that is a good sign! If they snap right off, it means that the tree is old. It's not enough to only check the tree in the store when you are buying it. You should continue to check on it as long as it is in your home.

Do Not Let Your Tree Become Dry

Your tree should be sitting in water the whole time it is in your house. Keep on watering your tree so that it doesn't become dry. Keep refilling the water if it dries out. If you want to know if your tree is too dry, shake it, if needles fall to the ground, that is an indication that your tree needs more water. Many people are too lazy to get rid of their tree after Christmas and have the bad habit of leaving it sitting there for weeks. Doing this is a fire safety risk because it is easy to forget about maintaining the tree, and it will eventually become dry and old.

Trees Lights

Only buy lights that are of good quality and that are UL approved. Pay attention to labels that list whether the lights are for indoor or outdoor use and use it as directed. If you see any frayed wires, cracked bulbs, loose connections, or any other signs of wear, do not use them, it is not worth the fire safety risk. When you are not watching the lights turn them off. If you are sleeping or at work, turn them off! Do not overload an electrical socket with an extension cord or too many devices since it can cause a fire.

We want to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our AllPhase Restoration family to yours.