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roof contractor in Columbus, OH

Roof Contractor in Columbus, OH

Roofs are the first line of defense your home has from the outside elements. They protect your home and keep you dry. In Columbus, Ohio, it must be tough to hold all the snow that can accumulate throughout the years. If your roof is damaged or leaking, it is essential to get it replaced to


burst pipes

Burst Pipes in the Winter Months

Winter can come with all kinds of challenges for homeowners. From snow to freezing temperatures, it can be a lot to handle for your home! Especially for your pipes! In winter, pipes are way more likely to burst. This can happen because the pipes freeze and water expands when it freezes. Burst pipes can do


kitchen fires

Common Causes of Fire in the Kitchen

The kitchen of any home produces one of the most wonderful memories of home. It’s a place to connect with your loved ones, a place to make meals the whole family can enjoy, and a place that produces so many memories! That is why kitchen fires can be devastating for many families. In the home,