Roof Repair & Restoration in Columbus, OH

Expert roofing repair and replacement services in Columbus!

If you think that your home’s roof is in need of repair after being damaged by a storm or hail, then don’t wait to schedule a free inspection. A damaged leaky roof can lead to water damage inside of your home costing you even more money if left damaged. Call us for a free inspection for roof repairs in Columbus, OH.

The Allphase Restoration and Construction team can help you with your home’s asphalt shingle roof repairs. Our team will first complete a full-roof inspection to find all areas in need of roof repairs and then we will discuss with you your options for repairs, or a full roof replacement and if your insurance can potentially cover it.

Schedule a Free Inspection to find the areas of your home’s roof that are in need of repair.

Reasons why you might need a roof repair company and not a full replacement roof

It is important to quickly repair any damages done to your roof. Many times, you might think your roof is in need of a few repairs but you might qualify for a full replacement roof through your insurance. But there might still be times when you need some roof repairs, here are some examples:

  • Ice build-up in a small area underneath the shingles pushing them out of place. This could also be a sign that your home is in need of replacement insulation to prevent future ice dams.
  • Chimney flashing - This is the seal around your chimney. It is part of your home’s roofing system. The flashing might need to be resealed if you are noticing leaks into your home.

Steps to take if you think your home’s roof has been damaged

Call for a roof inspection - DO NOT go on your roof and inspect it yourself, our team has been trained on how to properly navigate a roof so for your safety, leave the inspection to the pros!

Do a quick visual inspection of your home’s ceiling for leaks, if there are leaks, then make sure you contact a roofing company that can also help you with any restoration work that needs to be done on the interior of your home.

Discuss the next steps of the replacement repair or replacement process with the representative that has inspected your home’s roof.

Whether you plan to finish your basement or upgrade your kitchen! Look to our remodeling specialists for high-quality craftsmanship.

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