Virus Disinfection Services in Columbus, OH

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses by having your business disinfected by professionals. Call us for coronavirus cleaning services in Central and Northeast Ohio.

It’s important to protect your family and your workers from COVID-19 by preventing the spread of the virus. If someone with coronavirus, or another type of infectious illness, has been in your property, it’s crucial to have the house or building professionally cleaned and sanitized. Call our certified technicians at AllPhase Restoration for services in Columbus. A one-stop-shop, we provide 24/7 services.

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What To Expect During Coronavirus Cleaning Services

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to have your home or business cleaned and disinfected by professionals. Our certified technicians have ample experience dealing with contaminants and following the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our services go beyond what your normal cleaning crew can do. When you call AllPhase Restoration, our experts will clean porous and non-porous areas, disinfect all surfaces - including high-touch areas, and clean all tools and equipment.

Types of COVID-19 Disinfection Services

When cleaning and sanitizing against the coronavirus, there are different types of services you might need, depending on your situation. The types of services we offer are:

  • Precautionary cleaning: This is for properties that have not yet been exposed to the virus, but want to ensure they are clean and sanitary for your family and employees. Our experts will apply disinfectant to the surfaces, equipment, and high-touch areas.
  • Possible contamination: This is if you suspect your property has been exposed to the virus. Our technicians will clean and disinfect your entire property to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Exposure: This is if you know someone in your home or business has contracted COVID-19. We will thoroughly clean your property and then fully disinfect and sanitize all areas and surfaces.

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Areas Our Experts Disinfect

To keep your family and office healthy, it’s important to keep your property clean. When you schedule virus infection services with us, you can expect our experts to clean the following areas:

  • Restrooms: We will clean and disinfect doors, handrails, dispensers, mirrors, sinks, fixtures, toilets/urinals, floors, partitions, and other high-touch areas.
  • Office areas: Our techs will clean and disinfect copy machines, keyboards, mice, phones, desktops, touch screens, and other high-touch areas.
  • Cafeterias: We will clean and disinfect countertops, tables, coffee makers, chairs, microwave, refrigerator handles, and other high-touch areas.
  • Public areas: Our team will clean and disinfect phones, counters, stair rails, light switches, water fountains, elevator buttons, and other high-touch areas.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, call AllPhase Restoration at 614-261-0000 for virus disinfection services in Columbus, OH. We offer 24/7 services!