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What is a Trauma Scene Restoration Service?

3 Steps in Trauma Scene Restoration

Whenever customers seek out a restoration company, it can be a trying time for them. Restoration companies specialize in helping homeowners return to normalcy after a disaster like a storm damage or a broken pipe. What most people don’t know is that there are specialized restoration crews that go a step further. 

When tragedy strikes, such as a death or a traumatic event that causes property damage, who do property owners turn to when they try to restore some normalcy to their lives? The answer is a trauma and crime scene cleanup specialist. A biohazard and trauma scene cleanup specialist is a specially trained and licensed professional that knows how to deep clean to remove anything dangerous or damaged. These qualified crews can help their customers recover from the difficulty that caused them to need their services in the first place. 

Biohazardous Materials Clean Up


To make an area safe again after a crime or death, specially trained personnel must be allowed to clean up the area before normal activities resume. Among the threats that are presented from biohazards and trauma scenes are:

  • Bodily Fluids: Urine, blood, and feces are common vectors for disease transmission. In scenes where these are found, the necessary precautions must be taken to remove their threat. 
  • Drug Lab Equipment: Busted drug labs can have dangerous chemicals present that must be properly contained for safety. 
  • Needles: Used needles are common in trauma scenes and should only be dealt with and disposed of by trained professionals. 

Cleaning/ Stain Removal

stainWhen tragedy strikes, one of the biggest concerns about restoring the area is discoloration and staining. Discoloration and staining can be the product of illegal activity such as drug labs or from blood and other bodily fluids. Regardless of the source, property owners should only need to turn to one restoration contractor to handle the cleanup. A biohazard cleanup specialist and certified crime scene cleanup crew is the service to look for. 

A good trauma & crime scene cleanup contractor will have all of the necessary tools to carry out their work safely, as well as the insurance and bonding needed to protect their workers and customers. Their training and experience can help them remove stains, clean up the area, and restore the property to its previous condition. 


During dangerous cleanup jobs (like trauma scene restoration), odors are a long-term concern. Odors from decomposition, bodily fluids, or drug activity can linger long after the cause of the odor is gone. 

When a tragedy happens, customers can trust trauma scene cleanup crews to restore the area. They will start by removing the source of odors then proceed to deep clean the affected area so that no odors will linger long-term. 

From removing dangerous or biohazardous materials, through the stain removal, all the way to removing lasting odors, biohazard cleanup specialists can handle every step of the way. 

About AllPhase Restoration

Customers that are looking for biohazard and trauma scene cleanup have likely been through a lot. They deserve the peace of mind knowing that the restoration of their property will be handled thoroughly and professionally. AllPhase Restoration in Columbus is the crew to call. For two generations, they have provided their customers with excellent service to restore peace and normalcy to their property. For trauma scene restoration services in Columbus, OH, trust the professionals at AllPhase Restoration.