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4 Steps to Repairing a Water Damaged Bathroom

Repairing water damaged bathrooms, Columbus, Ohio

If you're searching the internet for how to repair a water damaged bathroom, you came to the right place. Let’s discuss the four steps to repairing water damaged bathrooms.

1. Water Damage - Stop the Water

The first step is stopping the errant flow of water that's causing the water damage. Whether it is a leaking sink, busted toilet, or cracked water pipe. Find the source and shut it down as soon as possible, this must be done as soon as you notice the water damage.

2. Water Damage - Remove the Water

Next, you can begin removing the standing water from your bathroom. Depending on the volume of water, this can be done with a bunch of towels or a wet vac. The wet vac has the capability of removing large amounts of water.

3. Water Damage - Drying Out

The third step in repairing a water damaged bathroom is drying the wet and waterlogged area. This can be accomplished on the simple side by opening some windows and on the more severe side by placing industrial air movers throughout the water-damaged area. Air movers are powerful fans that expedite the drying process by moving large volumes of air across a given area.

Additionally, a dehumidifier needs to be set up in the water-damaged space.

Similarly, in a non-severe situation, an open window will suffice, however with more serious events an industrial dehumidifier will be needed. It's not enough to just remove the standing water and dry the space; you also need to remove the moisture from the air, lest you create an environment that encourages mold growth.

4. Water Damage - Restoration

Now for the fun part, removing the waterlogged material and restoring the water-damaged bathroom to how it was before (or if you get a good adjuster, even better than before!). Yes, it’s true that most of the waterlogged material will have already been removed, but it is possible that you will find some waterlogged drywall or tiles and these will need to be removed.

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