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Tips to Avoid Emergency Water Restoration

emergency water restoration

In this article, I will discuss some easy tips that can protect you from experiencing water damage and having to call your local emergency water restoration company.

Shut Off the Water

Find out where your emergency water shut-off switch is. If your home doesn't have emergency water shut off, it will certainly have the main water valve. Find out where it is and how to operate it. Nothing makes a regular water damage event turn into an emergency water event like not being able to stop the water from gushing out of its source.

Clean and Maintain Your Gutter System

Maintain your rainwater gutter system. If your gutters are not clean and maintained, it could lead to some pretty severe water damage in your home. The biggest issue with that type of damage is that it erodes slowly. If you are not ahead of it, you could be sitting there all cozy in your home as a massive rainstorm settles in only to hear the sound of gushing water from your attic as rainwater comes running in because of your broken gutter system.

Pay Attention to your Water Bill

Keep an eye on your water bill. If you see a spike in your usage, it could mean that something is leaking. The worst kind of leak is the ones where you do not immediately see the water because it is leaking behind walls or in the basement or somewhere else out of sight. Keeping tabs on your water bills and water usage can help you detect one of those before they graduate into the emergency water restoration category.

Check Your Appliances

While your playing water detective, it does not hurt to check on all your appliances that use water. They all have hoses running from your wall into them, and sometimes those hoses can become loose or worse yet leak! Check every so often so you can catch a problem before it starts getting out of hand.

If you experienced a flood and need emergency water restoration in Columbus, Ohio, call AllPhase Restoration at 614-261-0000.