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What Can Cause Water Damage in Your House?

water damage

A buildup of water in your home is never a good sign. But where is that water coming from? Water can come from so many different areas that it can be hard to track. It could have come in from your own appliances, pipes, or even outside. The first step in any water damage situation is finding out where that water is coming from. Here are a few places to look where water could be seeping into your house.

Appliances – There are many different appliances in your home that could be causing water to leak into your house. Showers, tubs, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, AC units, and toilets can all cause water damage in your house. If your water puddle is around or near any of these items, make sure you do a thorough search to see if there is a rupture or water supply line leak.

Pipes – Pipes are the many ways water gets from one part of your house to the other. A broken or ruptured pipe could cause significant problems, and fast! It’s important to notice this problem as soon as possible when you see issues in water pressure or water isn’t coming out of your sink. If water is continuing to seep out of your pipes, make sure you close your main water valve.

Gutters – Rainwater from outside hits the top of your roof, falls down into your gutters, and safely travels into your downspout and away from your home. Your gutter can be clogged up by leaves or other debris and that could cause the water to go somewhere else and possibly enter your home. It’s important to check your gutters and make sure they are clear every couple of months or if there is a problem.

Water can seep into your home from many different places. It’s important to know where it can come from and stop it as soon as possible! Let Allphase Restoration take care of your water damage problem as soon as possible!

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