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How to Protect Your Home From Winter Damage

winter damage

Most of us spend the winter season preparing our homes for the holidays. We decorate with ornaments, wreaths, and other glittery decorations to bring holiday cheer to our families. However, decorating your homes are not the only seasonal preparations that you should be making this year. Do not forget to prepare your homes for the winter by protecting them from winter damage.

Take note of the following tips to ensure that your home will be ready for winter.

Make Sure That You Have a Properly Insulated Attic

You will save a significant amount of money on your next heating bill if you properly insulate your attic. If your attic is not properly insulated, it can cause the escaping heat to meet with the cold air outside and create condensation and freezing. These mounds of ice can cause a lot of winter damage to your roof and gutters and are infamously known as ice dams.

Clear Debris From Your Gutters

Forgetting to clean debris out of your gutters before the winter can cause the waste to build up alongside all of the snow. This buildup can clog the gutters and prevent them from doing their job. Clogged gutters often fail to drain the water away from homes, and the water damages the foundation and walls of the house.

Insulate Your Pipes to Prevent

Winter Damage in Columbus, OH. Water pipes that are exposed to cold weather can freeze and expand. This expansion causes increased pressure which can cause the pipes to burst. Burst pipes cause flooding and terrible water damage. It is always a good idea to make sure to insulate your pipes before the winter to mitigate the risks of this occurrence.

If you live in Columbus, OH, call AllPhase Restoration at 614-261-0000 to make sure that your home is prepared and protected against winter damage and whatever else mother nature throws your way.